Food and Beverage Establishments

Of all the businesses, restaurants and bars sustain the most severe traffic and soiling of carpet, upholstery, tile and stone. Dirt, gravel, mud, snow, ice and salt are being tracked in daily. Add food and drink spillage, grease and micro contaminants and the visual cleanliness of your business begins to degrade quickly. First impression by your customers does matter! You also have the burden of health inspections that other businesses do not. This is why more frequent cleaning is required and necessary.

We offer specialized cleaning for food and beverage establishments which includes:

  • Cleaning heavy traffic lane with a rotary scrubber
  • Applying special cleaning agents and enzyme treatment to tackle grease build-up and spot removal
  • Cleaning of tile, stone and grout to remove greasy buildup and restore their natural beauty
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the upholstery fabrics that customers directly contact
  • Applying protection to carpets and upholstery fabrics and the sealing of hard surfaces.

High Country cleaning is also your partner during those unfortunate, emergency situations. Broken water lines or sewer
backups are a health risk that can shut your eating establishment down. Call our 24/7 hotline and our emergency response team will be there within the hour to get your business back into operation.

To extend the life of your carpet, upholstery, tile and stone, to meet health inspection regulations and to elevate the appearance of your establishment, High Country Cleaning offers discounted monthly, quarterly and bi-annual maintenance programs specially designed for food and beverage establishments. Call us for a formal proposal and an evaluation of your cleaning needs.

High Country Cleaning understands the importance of addressing your cleaning needs during non-business hours. We offer flexible scheduling hours to our food and beverage customers, and the placement of air movers to accelerate drying so that your business can be opened on time.