Dry Cleaning Services

High Country Cleaning offers discounted dry cleaning and laundry services to our commercial clients for bed spread, bed skirts, comforter, blankets, pillow shams, shower curtains and other linens. Imagine the volume of linens your business uses on a constant basis and the energy and money it requires to keep them looking their best. On top of being an enormous time saver, here are some additional benefits of High Country Cleaning’s high volume, commercial linen services:

1. Convenience is the biggest advantage of our linen services! Because our equipment and personnel are located in Summit County, we can pick up your soiled linens, professionally clean them, press them and return them conveniently to your place of business within one to two business days.

2. Save money. You don’t have to invest and house the commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment nor staff, train and pay the personnel required to clean your linens in-house. Our commercial linen services allow you to budget this business expenses with ease.

3. Image and appearance. You want your commercial rentals, hotel or conference center to appear professional, upscale and well put together. The advanced knowledge and equipments we possess guarantees the highest standard of cleanliness.

4. We use environmentally friendly solvents and soaps. Our cleaning solutions adds richness to the linens’ natural color while bathing the material in a mild and odorless fluid, leaving the finished linen comfortably soft while preventing our customers from exposure to perchloroethylene.

The benefits of commercial linen service are numerous and apparent to businesses that use a high volume of linens. If you find your linens not looking their best or you’re spending too much time and money doing the laundry, contact High Country Cleaning. Professional Service, People Who Care!