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Expert Carpet Cleaning and Complete Cleaning Services for Real Estate, Property Managers and Resorts in Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Keystone and all of Summity County, Colorado.

Balancing the cost needs of owners, visitors’ satisfaction, and units’ year round maintenance requirements is a most difficult task. Because we understand this, High Country Cleaning offers a complete cleaning and restoration package to address and balance these conflicting needs:

Our Cleaning Crew can handle High Volume Capacity Cleaning Jobs

Very few carpet cleaners in Summit County have the crews and equipment to meet the needs of high volume property managers especially those with top level units reachable only by specialized equipment. Our men are experienced in running large crews, coordinating cleans with property managers and housekeepers. We work efficiently to get your cleaned units back into shape for renting. We offer furniture resetting service to get the unit rental ready.

Your Year Round Partner

Unlike cheap, out-of-town cleaners that perform one-time, bulk cleaning then leave, High Country Cleaning will be there for your resort or real estate property all year long. Need an emergency clean? Need your common areas re-cleaned during the year? Have a water damage emergency? We have a 24 hour hotline that can dispatch a crew within the hour. Our contract commercial partners are our first priority! So when evaluating TOTAL year round costs, you will get the most cost effective solution by selecting one, local company like High Country Cleaning.

The Highest Quality of Cleaning Services

Annual cleaning of the unit’s carpet, tiles and upholstery not only maintains the unit’s beauty and protects the owner’s investment but is necessary for a healthy indoor environment. Visitor satisfaction starts with the unit they occupy. Its cleanliness will leave a first and best impression on our visitors. This, in turn, leads to repeat business and customer referrals which are the keys to high occupancy rates and profit to the owners. Our customer satisfaction, responsiveness and quality of service are unmatched in Summit County! That is why High Country Cleaning remains the #1 carpet and upholstery cleaners for over 42 years.

Competitive Price

Beware, low ball cleaners still need to make a profit! They will need to cut corners or offer a poorer quality of service in order to stay in business. Is fabric protection being applied correctly or at all? Are they putting your units back together? In the long run, the owner’s investment in their property will suffer and visitors will not be satisfied with their level of substandard cleanliness.

We work directly with property managers to inspect the units and common areas to formulate a cleaning program that balances the right cleaning needs vs. cost. From carpet cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet repairs, 24/7 emergency live response, water damage restoration and much more…we do it all! We are cleaning professionals with years of experience in Breckenridge and all of Summit County. High Country Cleaning are local and can work quickly to get the unit back onto the rental program. Significant discounts are available based on quantity of cleans and year round services requested. Call us at (970) 262-6000 for a formal proposal. We even offer discounted dry cleaning services available only to our commercial clients for bed spread, bed skirts, comforter, blankets pillow shams and shower curtains.