Water and Sewer Damage Restoration

Disaster can occur with little or no warning and cause damage, even extreme damage, to your home or business. And when your belongings, made up of precious memories, cherished keepsakes and valued heirlooms, are involved… it is disruptive to your life and emotional difficult.

High Country Cleaning is the #1 restoration company in Summit Country with over 32 years of experience. Our restoration technicians are highly responsive, well trained, and properly certified. We will work with you and your insurance company to get you home back to it original condition. We can also work with your property manage or directly with you if you do no wish to involve the insurance company; especially with smaller claims.

Drying and Restoration Process

Stage 1 – Emergency Service and mitigate further damage

  • Our experienced technicians will start extracting as much visible water as possible
  • Moisture meters, both penetrating and non-penetrating, are used to determine the level of moisture in the structure.
  • Anti-Microbial treatment will be applied to areas subject to bacteria growth.
  • Unsalvageable materials and contents will be removed and discarded upon proper authorized by the customer and insurance company.
  • If extensive damage occurs, all property contents can be inventoried, boxed, packed, and moved safely off site until your property is completely restored.

Stage 2 – Structural Drying and restoring peace of mind

  • Professional drying equipment is set up in the property to begin the structural drying process.
  • The equipment will remain on for the determined time, in accordance with industry guide lines to ensure proper drying completion.
  • The technicians will check and reposition the equipment as often as needed.
  • They monitor the structure for temperature and humidity levels.
  • When all moisture and temperature readings are assessed as normal, the drying equipment will be removed from the property.

Stage 3 – Restoration of property to pre-damage condition

  • Work related to structural repairs, like drywall, ceiling, wood flooring, cabinets and
    other damaged elements will be coordinated with you and your insurance company.
  • Salvageable carpet is reinstalled with new padding and then properly cleaned.
  • Content repair, cleaning and sanitizing will be completed.
  • Furniture and other household contents are reset in the home.

Specialized Attention for Sewer Damage

Sewage backups contain high amounts of fungal and pathogenic contaminants. Whether it’s a small or large flood, your problem needs to be assessed and cleaned up as soon as possible. Sewage can quickly damage your walls, flooring, furnishings and possessions. Sewer exposure can spread toxins, bacteria, mold and diseases. Our qualified technicians at High Country Cleaning will determine the source of the problem and will work expediently to resolve it.

High Country Cleaning uses state-of-the-art Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and applies safe sanitization methods during sewage cleanups. We’re equipped with the protective gear and specialized cleaners for superior results. Our certified and insured technicians follow professional standards and industry requirements as well as local and state regulations.

Unpleasant odors and contaminated waters need immediate attention; that is why High Country Cleaning responds with urgency to every sewer backup, septic tank problem and overflowing drains.

And remember; only trained professionals should handle a backup in your home or building because of the serious health risks associated with raw sewage and viral contamination.

Reasons why High Country Cleaning is the #1 restoration company in Summit County!

      1) we are locally owned and operated
      2) we uses state-of-the-art equipment
      3) we are a certified member of the IICRC
      4) we have a 24/7 emergency response system
      5) we are competitive priced,
      6) perform comprehensive inspections
              7) we can bill insurance companies directly.