Fabric Protection


  • Scotchgard: We highly recommend applying a fabric protector to your carpet after each cleaning. This product helps fill the voids in carpet fibers which are hiding places for particulates. It also leaves a protective shield on the carpet’s surface so that when a spill does occur, you will have more time to clean it up before it sinks in and stains your carpet. A little extra protection can go a long way in extending the life of your carpets.
  • Anti-Static Spray: Someone walks across a carpet, touches a metal PC case and ZAP, it’s time to replace that mother board. Eliminate dangerous and annoying static electric shocks and static electricity from your home; let High Country Cleaning apply anti-static guard to your carpet.
  • Flame Retardant: Safety conscious people may wish to treat their carpet and upholstery with a flame retardant additive. While it cannot stop the spread of fire, it has been shown to slow its spread.
  • Sanitizer / Deodorizer: Pet odors, pet mishaps, mold, mildew, accidental spills, and simple wear and tear can all lead to smells coming from your carpet. Sanitizing and deodorizing your carpet and upholstery can make it smell fresh and clean again by eliminating the problems that caused the odor in the first place.