Business & Retail

High Country Cleaning are your Business Carpet Cleaning Experts for Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Keystone and all of Summity County, Colorado.

Many businesses in Summity County, Colorado are retail stores, offices and public community spaces are located on the ground level. Harsh Colorado weather often brings a mess of gravel, mud, snow, ice and salt which are tracked into the entry areas or lobbies on a daily basis creating visible, high traffic lanes. Add food, drink and micro contaminants and the visual cleanliness of your establishment begins to show quickly. Whether it is a retail business, office space, church, government buildings, daycare or clubhouse the first impression by your patrons does matter! Plus, the cleanliness of your work environment is as important as your home environment.

A large variety of durable carpet, upholstery and hard flooring materials can be found in commercial establishments. Each type needs to be properly identified, cleaned and protected.

We specialize in one such flooring type, Vinyl Composition Tile or VCT. While this surface can withstand high foot traffic and can be easily cleaned, it still needs to be professionally maintained. High Country Cleaning can strip, clean and seal VCT and other hard floors to maintain their useful life and vibrancy.

Emergency Cleaning Services
High Country Cleaning is also your partner during those unfortunate, emergency situations that require expert cleaning services. Whether it is a coffee spill or a toner accident or a broken water line, call our 24/7 hotline and our emergency response team will be there within the hour to get your business back into operation.

High Country Cleaning will walk through your property and discuss maintenance steps, cleaning frequency and a professional cleaning schedule that we believe would help you protect your investment and will fit your budget. Don’t let cheaper, more inexperienced cleaners ruin your property! High Country Cleaning has 32 years of experience cleaning commercial and public buildings throughout Summit County. Call us for a formal proposal and an evaluation of your cleaning needs

High Country Cleaning understands the importance of addressing your cleaning needs during non-business hours. We offer flexible scheduling hours to our commercial customers and the placement of air movers to accelerate drying time so that your business can be opened on time.