Volume Pricing Discounts

Commercial cleaning is a large and very price conscience segment of our business. In recognition of its value, High Country Cleaning strives to offer the highest quality of service at competitive prices. The discounts we can offer are based on the following factors:

1) Volume – the more units and common areas you schedule for cleaning, the larger the discount.

2) Grouping – when units can be meaningfully grouped together, we can be more efficient with our men and equipment and pass that savings onto you.

3) Multi-services – best pricing is available when combining carpet cleanings with upholstery, fabric protection, tile, stone, VCT, dry cleaning, carpet repairs and water damage services

4) Contracts – priority service and best pricing are available to commercial clients who negotiate one to three year contracts.

5) Time of Year –spring and fall are the most requested times; to spread the work load more evenly, we offer additional discounts during our low season of July, August and September.

We would love to earn your business and establish a partnership with you. Call us for a free proposal and cleaning needs assessment.