Rugs & Mat Cleaning

Entry and area rugs live a difficult life as the first line of defense for trapping dirt and other tracked-in particulates from the outdoors. They become more quickly spoiled than the home’s carpeting, becoming dull, lifeless and detracting from your house overall appearance. To restore a rug’s unique and decorative appearance, High Country Cleaning recommends more frequent vacuuming and cleaning of area rugs and mats.

While many standard rugs and mats can be cleaned in your home during the regular carpet cleaning process, it is preferable to have them brought more frequently to our warehouse where they can be properly hung and dried in a controlled environment.

Fine, delicate or fragile rugs are not only a large investment but they need specialized cleaning. High Country Cleaning makes regular deliveries to an expert oriental and southwestern rug cleaner in Denver. They also specialize in repairing worn or damaged rugs; and, they can safely remove color run or dye bleeds.

High Country Cleaning are experts at cleaning rugs and mats for both commercial and residential clients like Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon and throughout all of Summit County, Colorado.