Upholstery Cleaning Services

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You, your family and pets are in contact with your furniture everyday. Like carpets, furniture attracts dirt, airborne particulates, animal dander, and is prone to spillage accidents. For those with sensitivity to animal hair or with allergies, an unclean environment can make breathing more difficult. That is why it is important not to overlook the regular cleaning of your home’s upholstery.


At High Country Cleaning, we have state of the art upholstery cleaning machines, and use the right upholstery cleaning agent that fits the fabric type of your furniture. We carry a variety of spotting solutions that can draw out and dissolve the most difficult spot without harming your furniture. We also have fabric protector that can be applied directly to the furniture so that when a spill does occur, you will have more time to clean it up before it sinks in and stains your furniture.

Please check the tags on your furniture to determine if wet cleaning is possible.